The days are getting colder, but that’s no reason to miss out on the great things to do and see in Mie! One special experience that will stay with you for a long time is a trip up snow-dusted Mt. Gozaisho in a gondola. The view is incredible, and night-time gondola rides are a winter exclusive!

Grab your camera and get outside, savor the season, and share your photos and video on Instagram with hashtag #visitmie. Prizes will go to the top entries!

How to Enter

Step 1 Follow

Follow Mie Prefecture’s official Instagram account @visitmie, @visitmie_tw or @visitmie_th

Step 2 Take Photos

Visit Mie Prefecture and take photos or video of festivals, the great outdoors, food — anything you love about Mie. There are no thematic restrictions, and photos/video you took on past trips to Mie are also fine to share!

Step 3 Share

Share your photos or video of Mie Prefecture with the hashtag #visitmie !

See 2019's winning entries
  • Events
  • Photos
  • Nabana no Sato Illumination

    - Nabana no Sato
    October 19, 2019 – May 6, 2020

    This incredible light display, the largest in Japan, has been mesmerizing visitors with its beauty and romantic atmosphere for the past 15 years. Open every day during the event period. > See details

  • Suwa Park Hikari Illumination

    - Suwa Park
    November 1, 2019 – February 16, 2020

    Conveniently located by Kintetsu Yokkaichi station, Suwa Park and the Suwa Park Community Center are beautifully lit up by 50,000 lights in this big illumination event. > See details

  • Winter Illumination 2019

    - Mie Kodomo no Shiro
    December 21, 2019 – February 11, 2020

    The event hall is transformed into a mystic forest of lights you won't want to miss. The cute family of rabbits is looking forward to meeting everyone! > See details

  • Mikimoto Pearl Serving Event

    - Mikimoto Pearl Island
    January 1–3, 2020

    For the first three days of the new year, Mikimoto Island’s celebrates by serving food to the first 300 participants. (The event finishes when the supply runs out). > See details

  • Mokumoku New Year's Festival

    - Iga no Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm
    January 2–5, 2020

    Celebrate New Year’s here with traditional events including mochi making, mochi throwing, and their popular ‘dancing pig’ ceremony. Check out their Ceremonial Sake Bath and Tonton Shrine! > See details

  • Nagashima Countdown New Year Party 2020

    - Nagashima Spa Land
    December 31, 2019 – January 1, 2020

    Nagashima Spa Land's Countdown & New Year’s Party includes over 50 rides open all night, live artists, and an amazing fireworks display to light up the new year! > See details

  • Suzuka Circuit New Year’s Event

    - Suzuka Circuit
    January 1, 2020

    Suzuka Circuit Hotel is holding a viewing tour for the first sunrise of the New Year. Visitors get to watch from the international race track. > See details

  • Kiho Festival of Lights

    - Kiho Town Furusato Shiryokan
    December 1, 2019 – January 5, 2020

    During this seasonal event in the town of Kiho, nearly 200,000 lights light up the night. Don't miss the 20m tree, and tunnel of lights! Special activities are held on 12/21! > See details

Entry Period

Part 1
will run from 10:00 AM on July 7, 2019 through 11:59 PM on September 30, 2019.
Part 2
will run from 10:00 AM on October 1, 2019 through 11:59 PM on January 6, 2020.
(All dates and times are Japan Standard Time)

Announcement of Winning Entries

Winners of Part 1 will be announced in late October.
Winners of Part 2 will be announced in late February, 2020.
The results will be posted on the official #visitmie Campaign website.


  • Contestants must be following the official @visitmie Instagram account.
  • Contestants must be using a public Instagram account for entry.
  • Contestants must agree to the contest Terms & Conditions.
  • Accounts that are made private during the contest entry period are not eligible to win.
  • Entry photos may be used for promotion by Mie Prefecture.

Selection Process

Winning entries will be selected through an impartial, fair review process by selection committee members based on how well they communicate the appeal of tourism in Mie Prefecture.

Winners will be notified by direct message to their Instagram accounts.

  • Winners must be following the official @visitmie account.
  • Winners must reply within 48 hours; otherwise they forfeit their right to claim their prize.
  • Entry images may be used in official Mie Prefecture websites, social media, posters, flyers, etc.


prizeGovernor’s Choice Award
Overnight stay for two at "Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites", dinner included
  • Part 11 pair (2 persons)
  • Part 21 pair (2 persons)
"Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites" is a luxury resort nestled between the blue waters of Ago Bay and the verdant hills of Mie's Shima Peninsula. Here you can enjoy an unforgettable and blissful holiday complete with a seafood dinner at La Mer, a Michelin star French restaurant that uses local ingredients. Also notable are the exceptional sunset views from the hotel lounge overlooking Ago Bay.
Sponsor:Kintetsu Group Holdings Co.,Ltd.
#visitmie Special Prize
Economy-class roundtrip airfare for 2 from Nagoya to Seoul, Korea
  • Part 1One pair (2 persons)
  • Part 2One pair (2 persons)
Asiana Airlines provides two flights daily from Nagoya's Centrair Airport to Seoul.
- Some restrictions on airline ticket period of validity and period of use apply.
- Payment of taxes and fuel surcharge are required at time of ticket purchase.
- In the case of fully booked flights and other circumstances, seats on your preferred flight are not guaranteed.
- Overseas delivery not available.
Sponsor:Asiana Airlines
Economy-class roundtrip airfare for 2 from Nagoya to Busan, Korea
  • Part 1One pair (2 persons)
  • Part 2One pair (2 persons)
Air Busan offers daily flights to Busan from Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya
- Some restrictions on airline ticket period of validity and period of use apply.
- Payment of taxes and fuel surcharge are required at time of ticket purchase.
- In the case of fully booked flights and other circumstances, seats on your preferred flight are not guaranteed.
- Overseas delivery not available.
Sponsor:Air Busan
Shima Spain Village Tickets for Two
  • Part 12 pairs (4 persons)
  • Part 22 pairs (4 persons)
Reminiscent of the exotic atmosphere of a Spanish townscape and brimming with Spanish charm, the Shima Spain Village theme park features attractions, shows, restaurants, and shops people of all ages can enjoy.
- Tickets cover park admission, all free shows, and all attractions.
Sponsor:Shima Spain Village
  • Part 1One (1) person
  • Part 2One (1) person
Full face masks made of beauty lotion added to 100% cotton sheets.
Several kinds of ingredients derived from pearls provide moisturizing benefits for youthful-looking skin.
Sponsor:Mikimoto Pearl Island
Ropeway Gondola Family Voucher (for 4)
  • Part 1Five (5) families (total 20 persons)
  • Part 2Five (5) families (total 20 persons)
As you ride the Gozaisho Ropeway Gondola, enjoy breathtaking views throughout the seasons, and the huge, unusual rock formations stretching out beneath you.
The landscape changes dramatically with the seasons and each has its own unique beauty, but the brilliant reds, golds, and greens of autumn make it an especially popular time to visit.
Sponsor:Gozaisho Ropeway
Meal for Two at Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado
  • Part 1One pair (2 persons)
  • Part 2One pair (2 persons)
Enjoy an amazing meal of fresh seafood grilled over a charcoal fire at an Ama hut, while listening to a real Ama diver talk about her experiences.
Matsuzaka Beef Shigure-ni Select
  • Part 1One (1) person
  • Part 2One (1) person
Rivaling Kobe Beef in quality and flavor, Matsuzaka Beef is a luxury beef brand that every meat-lover should try. Shigure-ni is a beef stew flavored with ginger, soy sauce, and other ingredients.
Sponsor:Maruyoshi Co.,ltd
Tickets for two to the Begonia Garden at Nabana no Sato
  • Part 1One pair (2 persons)
  • Part 2One pair (2 persons)
The Begonia Garden is a giant greenhouse of close to 9,000 square meters, and these tickets will also let you see Nabana no Sato's famous night-time illumination. (The illumination event runs October 19, 2019 through May 6, 2020.)
Sponsor:Nagashima Kanko Kaihatsu, Inc.
Kumano Chicken Yakitori Set
  • Part 1One (1) person
  • Part 2Two (2) persons
Kumano chicken is a certified "Mie Brand," and this box includes three sets of 200g pre-cut chicken meat for a total of about 4–5 servings. To enjoy the flavor of Kumano chicken best, adding nothing more than salt as a seasoning is recommended.
Sponsor:Kumano City Furusato
Hinotani Beer set of 6
  • Part 1One (1) person
  • Part 2One (1) person
Set of 6 beers, including Hinotani Lager, Ninja Beer, and a seasonal beer. Hinotani Beer is made from the pure water of Hinotani Valley, and includes local ingredients for great-tasting beer that we are very proud of.
- Overseas delivery not available.
Sponsor:Misugi Resort, Inc.
Iga Railway Assorted Merch
  • Part 1One (1) person
This box of assorted Iga Railway merchandise includes a centennial commemorative DVD, a "ninja train" LED light, a "ninja line" commemorative file folder, and a "ninja line" commemorative ruler.
Sponsor:Iga Railway
Mikan Juice and Mikan Honey Assorted Set
  • Part 1One (1) person
  • Part 2One (1) person
Mikans (mandarin oranges) are in season year-round in the town of Mihama! At Michinoeki-Park Shichirimihama's Orange Plaza factory, you can taste freshly squeezed mikan juice made from locally grown mikans. The set also includes honey from local Mihama beekeepers that can only be made when the mikan trees are in bloom.
Sponsor:Michinoeki-Park Shichirimihama
Dugong Plushie
  • Part 1One (1) person
  • Part 2One (1) person
This plushie of Selena, the beloved dugong of Toba Aquarium, is something that every fan of marine life and Toba will want to decorate their sofa with. Her bright eyes are decidedly kawaii.
Sponsor:Toba Aquarium
Castella cake with pearl powder, Ise tea with pearl powder, and Akoya pearl keychain
  • Part 1One (1) person
  • Part 2One (1) person
First in this gift set is a castella sponge cake that contains powdered pearl, an ingredient used in Chinese herbal medicine that is said to help moisturize the skin and improve complexion. You'll also receive a tin full of Ise tea that also contains powdered pearl. The third item in the gift set is a Japanese decoration called netsuke, which can be used like a keychain, and this features a beautiful Akoya pearl.
Sponsor:Pearl Falco, Inc.
Gift Package of Local Mie Specialties
  • Part 1One (1) person
  • Part 2One (1) person
With many locations in Mie Prefecture and a wide variety of Japanese merchandise available, Aeon is an excellent option for shoppers of all kinds. This deluxe gift package includes a variety of top local specialties from Mie.
Sponsor:AEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd.

Please note that prizes may not match the photos, and the contest operator reserves the right to change the prizes awarded.

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